Mt Agung Ash Volcano Update Nov 28 2017

November 28th, 2017 • uwt

Mt Agung Ash Volcano Update 28 November 2017

A group of dogs not too concerned about the volcano, Amed Beach

No real major updates today that are different from yesterday.  The large amount of Agung ash is still pumping out of the crater of the volcano.  The airport is still closed until further notice as the ash is blowing in a south west direction.  However, with large amounts of rain yesterday there were more cold “lahars” reported around the slopes of the mountain.

What we do have today is some very impressive photos from our friend Thomas Ozanne who is currently on the ground in Amed.  He was previously diving in Tulamben but was part of the evacuation process yesterday and is now diving in Amed.  Amed is approximately 17km from the crater and is currently out of the danger zone and all models show that it will not be affected by any explosions from the volcano.  With the current wind direction, Amed is also not receiving a lot of ash at this time.  These photos really do show the sheer power and size of the current eruption process. It’s also currently one of the best places to observe and photograph the Agung Ash flow.

Thanks for the use of the photos Thomas, check out more of his photography at

Two Colours Agung Ash

This photo shows two colours of ash, most likely from 2 different vents in the crater

Agung Ash Wide

A wider view of the ash from Agung


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Here is a link to the Live Streaming cameras on You Tube at Desa Rendang and Bukit Asah


Bukit Asah

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