Mike Veitch “Manta Rays” Wetpixel Full Frame

May 14th, 2017 • uwt

Mike Veitch: Wetpixel Full Frame Manta Rays

Mike Veitch Full Frame

Happy to have Mike featured on the Wetpixel site as this month’s Wetpixel Full Frame featured artist.  As different areas of Indonesia have been the subject of several Wetpixel Full Frame articles in the past, Mike decided that he needed to show something a little different.  I did not take long to figure out what theme for Mike to share, manta rays have long been a passion of his and he has spent hundreds of hours with them in the water.  Drawing from his extensive library of manta ray photos from French Polynesia, Indonesia, and Yap, Mike put together a large feature of different manta ray portraits and behaviours to share.  Along with the images and descriptions, there is also a brief introduction of Mike’s history with mantas is also included, here is a excerpt:

“I have been very lucky during my diving career to have always worked in areas with a large Manta Ray population. From my start in the diving industry in Palau, to Fiji, French Polynesia, Yap, and now Indonesia; I have always had manta rays on my doorstep. I have been lucky enough to encounter some incredible experiences underwater throughout my career and many of those experiences involved manta rays. Although not represented here, my first memorable encounters with mantas were in Palau where we would often swim with them at night off the back deck of the liveaboard I worked on.”

Mike Veitch Full Frame

To read the entire feature and see all of the 17 featured images please head over to Mike Veitch: Manta Rays on Wetpixel