Born To Be Wild Visits Bali to Film Manta Rays

November 22nd, 2016 • uwt

Born to Be Wild and the Manta Rays of Bali

The Philippines longest running nature show, “Born to Be Wild”, visited Bali a few weeks ago to film several episodes worth of shows.  The TV features two Veterinarian hosts who visit areas throughout SE Asia and the world to come face to face with exotic wildlife but with an added twist.  As the hosts are Veterinarians, they often rescue and then perform surgery on injured animals.  The show also brings the spotlight on certain issues that are affecting wildlife both locally and around the world.  The show is extremely popular in the Philippines and has long been #1 in its time slot.  As part of their Bali series of episodes, The Underwater Tribe joined them for a couple of days while they visited the island of Nusa Penida to interact with manta rays.  The manta activity at Manta Bay was spectacular with perfect conditions for both snorkeling and diving.  The “Manta Ray” episode aired on the GMA Network on the 13th of November, for a preview of the show and some of the exciting footage please have a look:

The language is a mix of Tagalog and English, therefore, it may be difficult to understand for non Filipinos, just enjoy the visuals! 🙂