Latest Underwater Tribe Podcast Update

April 29th, 2018 • uwt

Underwater Tribe Podcast Update

Graham Abbott Podcast

It has been a very busy few weeks with the Underwater Tribe!  We have been out and about across Indonesia with a trip from Sorong to Ambon followed by Komodo.  However, not to be dismayed by all of this travel, we have also been taking lots of photo and video to document it.  We have also made sure to Podcast as well!  Our series of Podcasts are proving to be very popular with our listeners/watchers.

So far we have had Serge Abourjeily, Rich Horner, Oli Christen, Graham Abbott, and Christian Loader in the studi.  Topics include underwater photography, scuba diving, the plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, discovering new dive sites, and a bad encounter with a sting ray!  If you haven’t had a chance to check out our previous podcasts please have a look at our Podcast Page.

Our main way of sharing our podcasts is via our YouTube Channel.  This is a great platform as we appear not just on audio but also on video. For those who enjoy audio, we are listed on iTunes in the podcast section, please subscribe via the iTunes store.  You can find the iTunes link here: Underwater Tribe Podcast.  We can be found on Souncloud, however, we are currently using their Free account so our account is fixed at a certain amount of minutes each month.  Our Soundcloud Account can be found here:  Underwater Tribe Sound Cloud Podcast

Latest Podcasts

Our latest two podcasts have come out in  April, dive guide extraordinaire Graham Abbott and wildlife photographer Christian Loader.  Both of these episodes are on our YouTube channel and will also be available as audio podcasts on iTunes and SoundCloud soon.

Christian Loader Podcast

Comin up soon: great conversations with scuba diving business strategist Robert Scales and Komodo National Park diving legend Garry Bevan.  These two gentlemen will star in the next two episodes, stay tuned!