Happy Halloween! Photo of the Day

October 31st, 2016 • uwt

Happy Halloween

As October draws to a close it of course brings the annual Halloween tradition.  Although mainly a North American tradition, Halloween is becoming more and more popular throughout the world as a day to enjoy a great bit of fun dressing up.  Of course many people choose costumes that reflect their favourite TV or movie characters, however, the “scary monster” costume is still a popular choice.  Not to be outdone by people, the natural world can also provide “scary monsters” of its own!  For our “Photo of the Day” this Halloween we present the “Underwater Ghoul” from the Bunaken National Park in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Ghoul Face for Halloween

Do you think this looks like a scary face?  Have you got a cool “monster” nature photo of your own?  Feel free to show us your Natural Monsters face right here in the comments.