Are we going to get a New Shipwreck in Bali ?

December 28th, 2018 • uwt

New Shipwreck in Bali a Fun New Rumour

New Bali Wreck


New Shipwreck in Bali for Diving?

Word has it that there is a new wreck dive coming to Bali! Although not officially confirmed with exact dates or details, it looks like Bali will soon have a great new dive site.
The Kri Slamet Riyadh is a 133 meter long decommissioned frigate and it’s the latest in a long line of ex warships now acting as dive sites. Although Bali is home to two outstanding wreck dives, the Kubu Wreck and the USAT Liberty, there is always room for more! With more than 50 years of life as an artificial reef, the USAT Liberty is world renowned as a premiere wreck dive. A bastion of life, this ship is home to countless species of fish and invertebrates. As an easily accessible shore dive, almost every diver who has visited Bali has dived it at least once.

However, its shallow depth means that this beautiful site has seen deterioration over the years. The Kubu Wreck, just a few miles up the road from the Liberty is a great addition to the Bali dive scene. A properly sunk 133 meter long warship is truly something to look forward to. The sheer size of the vessel means there will be plenty of room for underwater exploration, including tech and penetration diving. It will also help spread divers across more sites, which is never a bad thing!

Will it Rival the Liberty Wreck?

Of course, it will take many years before this new wreck is covered in spectacular corals like the Liberty is. But this doesn’t mean the wreck won’t be interesting. In a rich environment like Tulamben, there are always creatures looking for a place to hide. Fish will make their homes there immediately and fast growing invertebrates such as crinoids will move in quickly.

How does this sound for an interesting trifecta for your next trip to Bali? Already known as one of the best critter dive locations in the world, hopefull we can offer 3 wreck dives too! A “Critter and Wrecks” Safari will be just around the corner, a perfect combination for underwater photographers. Combine wide angle photography with the top notch critter finding skills of our amazing guides, all in one fantastic location.

Stay tuned for further updates of this exciting new wreck. Hopefully it will be cleaned and ready for sinking in 2019!

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