David Cheung – Tribute

March 18th, 2022 • uwt

We received sad news today about the passing of our friend David Cheung after an illness. “Cheungy” as he was known, was a legend within the world of underwater photography. Proprietor of ScubaCam in Singapore, he helped most everyone involved in underwater photography in SE Asia at one time or another. Not just a camera and housing dealer, he was an innovative tinkerer who was always bringing new ideas to life. David helped us out many times with different equipment and ideas over the years. He was also a very social presence on the dive scene in Singapore. Every year at ADEX he would be one of the organizers of the Wetpixel/Scubacam party, always one of the most memorable evenings of the weekend. He will be sorely missed, we send our condolences to his family and friends about his loss.


David Cheung

David, Luca, Sanah

A personal recollection from Luca:

I still remember the excitement in looking for my first proper underwater housing ahead of my journey to Indonesia back in 2005. ScubaCam appeared as the shop to go to in Singapore. Miho and I landed in Singapore and went straight to look for David’s shop. The place was small and a little hidden. In those days social media or Google Maps were not around to help. The sticky heat and humidity of South East Asia felling our senses during the search.
We finally found the shop and were greeted cordially by Sanah, who has been loyal to David for all his years.

The place did not look at all like a shop, it looked more like a workshop similar to the one of Doc from the movie Back to the Future. There was David with a Chupachup in his mouth showing us the housing and around his shop. At that time he was the first getting a machine to pressure test housings and he explained us all about it. David was an incredible engineer inventing all sort of things that we could underwater to capture images. He was a true passionate pioneer in the underwater media equipment creation.We have lost a very important person to the industry too early.
Rest In Peace David