Daily Photo Wobbegong Shark – POTD

February 11th, 2022 • uwt

Daily Photo Wobbegong Shark – The Tasseled Beard Shark

There are hundreds of shark species throughout the seas from giant whale sharks to tiny walking sharks. However, one of the most unique looking of them all is the wobbegong family. There are 12 different species of this member of the carpet shark family all of which live in the Indo-Pacific region. These bizarre looking sharks are well adapted to blending in with their environment. As ambush predators, they will sit in one place for hours at a time before striking at their prey. Unlike requiem sharks, wobbegongs can move water over their gills so they don’t need to constantly move. The best place to find wobbegongs in Indonesia is in Raja Ampat where the tassled wobbegong is quite common. Other species can also be found along the south coast of the southern islands of the country.

Daily Photo Wobbegong Shark

Daily Photo Wobbegong Shark – These successful predators are incredibly adapted to their environment with the frilled tassels adding to their camouflage. If you would like to encounter one of these beautiful sharks please join us in Raja Ampat in November 2022. We will run an 11 night liveaboard trip from Ambon to Sorong aboard the beautiful Samambaia liveaboard.