Daily Photo Green Turtle – POTD

February 9th, 2022 • uwt

Daily Photo Green Turtle – The Friendly Mariner

There are seven species of sea turtle in the world and the Green Turtle is one of the most common. These large marine going reptiles have been around for thousands of years and populate all tropical and sub-tropical oceans. The green is one of the larger turtle and is known for cruising long distances but always returning to land to lay eggs. Their diet changes with age as young greens eat jellyfish, molluscs, and invertebrates but as they get older they mainly feed on algae and sea grass. Indonesia is home to a large population of green turtles throughout the country. One major area for green turtles is the Gili Islands of Lombok. Greens gather here in large numbers all year round and are very tolerant of divers and snorkelers. The turtles are one of the main attractions to the diving in the Gilis.

Daily Photo Green Turtle


Daily Photo Green Turtle – Photo taken in the Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia. Friendly turtles are a great subject for Close Focus Wide Angle photography, learn all about it during a Bali Photo Class.