Daily Photo Frogfish – POTD

January 10th, 2022 • uwt

Daily Photo Frogfish – Waiting to Pounce

Frogfish are one of the more iconic marine species, also known as Angler Fish. These hard to spot fish are well known to divers and non divers alike due to their “fishing lure”. This interesting looking appendage is located just above their mouth and is used to lure unwary fish into predation range. The strange, ball like body of these fish means they don’t move a lot and are very slow. However, their mouth can flash open in lightning like fashion to swallow fish that are almost the same size. Although they are always a fun fish to find, due to their impressive ability to hide, they are not the most photographic of fish. The key is to find one actively hunting with its lure or yawning and capturing this behaviour on video.

Daily Photo Frogfish

Daily Photo Frogfish – Shot in Ambon Bay, Banda Sea, Indonesia.