Daily Photo Coral Details – POTD

January 7th, 2022 • uwt

Daily Photo Coral Details – Hard Corals in Black and White

Hard corals are overlooked by scuba divers. Coral reefs are the building blocks of the sea and provide food and shelter for much of the ocean’s food chain. After a few dives in the tropics, many divers often ignore the ever present reef in pursuit of locating more charismatic fauna. However, corals offer endlessly inspiring photographic opportunities to underwater photographers. It’s not only the classic coral shots that work well, sometimes trying something different will surprise you.

Daily Photo Coral Details


Daily Photo Coral Details – Photographed at Lava Flow in Banda Neira, Indonesia. Turned into Black and White in Lightroom. Dive this amazing dive site with us in November 2022 aboard the wonderful Samambaia liveaboard.