Daily Photo Blue Hole – POTD

February 10th, 2022 • uwt

Daily Photo Blue Hole – The Blue Hole of Farondi, Raja Ampat

A “Blue Hole” normally refers to an underwater vertical shaft through the bedrock. The most famous is of course the “Great Blue Hole” of Belize. However, Raja Ampat is also home to several of these underwater features. One of the more famous is the Blue Hole in the Farondi region of Misool. Divers swim under the karst cliff and descend into a vertical shaft that is full of fusiliers and other reef fish. Descending to around 20-30 metres a large opening exits onto the other side of the cliff. The wall on the exit side boasts fans and soft corals and is home to a second cave further along the wall. At certain times of year the entire reef can be covered with bait fish being hunted by groups of mobula.

Daily Photo Blue Hole

Daily Photo Blue Hole – Raja Ampat is home to a large variety of different diving environments. Join us on a trip in November 2022 to this wonderful and diverse destination.