Juvenile Barramundi Grouper – Photo of the Day

October 3rd, 2017 • uwt

Juvenile Barramundi Grouper

One of the hardest shots to achieve in underwater photography is a sharp image of a fast moving fish.  Two of the most annoying fish in the ocean for exactly this reason are the juvenile sweet lips and the juvenile barramundi grouper.  Although not technically the hardest shot to capture, trying to get one of these fish to hold still for a fraction of a second is next to impossible.  If and when they do hold somewhat still, they tend to be facing away from the camera! I was very pleased to capture this barramundi grouper while it flittered away under a coral head in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.  The fact that the fish was away from the coral behind it also allowed me to create separation of the subject from the background with a high shutter speed.

Juvenile Barramundi Grouper Photo of the Day


60mm lens, f22, 1/250, Sea and Sea Strobes.  Diving courtesy of NAD Lembeh Resort