Bali Updates News November 2020

November 10th, 2020 • uwt

Bali Updates

Bali Update Boat

As many of you are big fans of our Live Shows, you may have noticed that we haven’t been producing any at the moment. If you have been wondering why it’s actually a pretty easy reason, we have been busy! I know I know, how busy can we actually be during Covid times? Well, actually we are pretty excited to have recently finished up a couple of big projects. We can’t get too much into that at the moment but we are happy to give you a general Bali updates.

As for many of you 2020 has certainly been a different year for us in Bali. What started out as a busy year of charters has ended without any! However, as any of you know who were booked with us, we are currently rearranging these trips for 2021 and 2022. Stay tuned for announcements about our schedules for 21 and 22. If you are interested in joining us then please let us know and we can send you information.

We don’t have any real news from the Indonesian government at this time. There are still no “tourist” visas being issued and we believe this will be at least until the end of 2020. There is no set date for when these will begin to be issued again. We are hoping it will be early 2021 so we can start getting back to normal! We really miss diving with all of our guests and friends. Hopefully with all of the new vaccine news coming out this will happen sooner rather than later.

The Podcast

Live StreamOur popular “Live Show” on Facebook and YouTube will be back soon. We are currently still working on other projects here in Bali and don’t have a lot of time to record them. As many people across the world were enjoying summer it was hard to catch people for interviews as well. Not to worry though, we will be sure to start producing them again soon. We are working on a list of guests who we would like to interview as well as working on a few other ideas of how to keep the Podcast fresh. If you have ideas of who you would like us to chat to then please let us know below.

Our Online Store

Shopping StoreOne asset that we have been working on since the pandemic started is the launch of our online store. The Underwater Tribe Online Store is powered by Shopify and all of our products can be purchased online and shipped anywhere in the world. It’s as simple as perusing the site and choosing from our wide variety of clothes and other products. Check out is via credit card and the charge is paid in Rupiah. Any customs/duty is not included in the price. We are constantly adding new items to the store so check back often for new merchandise. As christmas is coming up soon, now is a great time to buy something for your loved ones. We also offer canvas prints for sale that will look wonderful on your walls at home.




Diving in Bali UpdatesBali Update

Although there aren’t really any tourists around that has not stopped us from doing a little diving in Bali. We aren’t doing as much as we would like of course but we are getting a few from time to time. Everyone will be happy to know that the break that the dive sites are getting is helping the marine life. The Liberty Wreck for example is off the chart great at the moment, all of the soft corals have had time to recover from diver pressure. The fish life is still there and we have had a pretty decent season for Mola sightings. Once the country opens up and people can visit again we believe everyone will see how great Bali diving is.

With the positive news of vaccines coming we are very optimistic for 2021. Although perhaps many people won’t travel for a while, we think its going to be an amazing year for diving. If you are excited as well then please drop us a line to let us know. We would be more than happy to start working with you on a preliminary plan for a diving holiday in Indonesia!