Bali – The Corona Virus Update

February 25th, 2020 • uwt

Bali – The Corona Virus Update

The Corona Virus is grabbing headlines the world over. This viral infection has become a leading news story around the world each day.  One of the questions we are hearing now is “Is the Corona virus in Bali?”.  Today we discuss what the situation is for curious travelers interested in Indonesia.

At this point in time there are no confirmed Corona cases in Indonesia.  The authorities in the country are monitoring all flight arrivals. All flights from China have been canceled at this time.  So far this is working well.  Indonesia is being active and taking initiative to try to mitigate any effects in Indonesia.

Bali Corona Virus

What Can You Do to Be Prepared?

Traveling at this time is the same as at any other time, be prepared.  Like any cold or flu bug, it seems that the Corona virus is spread by touch.  Therefore, we recommend that travelers bring santizing wipes with them. These can be used to wipe down plane seats and other public areas. In fact, this is a great idea whenever you travel to protect yourself from illness. Wash your hands and face often with these wipes as well. The most common way that colds and flu are transferred between people is by touching.

Another good practice is to utilize masks.  The recommended use of a mask has typically been for sick people to use one to protect others. However, at this time, in more confined places like airplanes or trains, a mask may be a good thing for everyone.  Do keep in mind that the mask has to be a proper N95 mask, simple surgical masks don’t provide protection from viruses.

Buy Travel Insurance

Speaking of being prepared, always buy travel insurance for your holidays.  We can’t recommend what insurance to buy, some may not cover for certain things. However, it’s always a great idea to have insurance if anything happens. This is not just during the Corona virus time, it’s for any time you plan a holiday.

Is the Corona Virus Something I Should Be Worried About?

At this point in time, Indonesia doesn’t have any confirmed cases.  Life in Bali is going on as normal, the tourism sector is open, diving and other activities are going on as normal.  By following common sense precautions as discussed above, we don’t foresee any issues for travel to Bali.