Bali Starling – A Bird Photo of the Day

March 1st, 2017 • uwt

Bali Starling or Bali Myna Bird

Bali Starling Myna Bird

The Bali Starling (or Bali Myna Bird) is an endemic species of bird found only on Bali.  This attractive bird is considered critically endangered and is the official bird of Bali where it’s called jalak Bali.  This bird is featured on the 200 rupiah coin and is highly sought after by serious birders and photographers.  This beautiful bird has been close to extinction since the mid 90s due to animal trading and hunting and less than 100 adults are assumed to exist in the wild.  Due to the endangered status of these birds, they have been bred in several areas of Bali in order to stabilize the population.  This photo was taken in the West Bali National Park, near the island of Menjangan, and the featured bird is almost certainly one that was captively bred and then released in to the wild.  The West Bali National Park is one of only 3 areas where these birds can commonly be found, along with Nusa Penida and a captive breeding area near Ubud.

Nikon D7200, 80-400mm lens @330mm, f9, 1/500, ISO 800

Interested in seeing this bird during your visit to Bali?  Many of our Bali Safari Trips visit the West Bali National Park area and a visit to see these birds can be organized.