Bali Photos – Recap of Bali Photo Fun Week 2019

August 17th, 2019 • uwt

Bali Photos – Recap of the Bali Photo Fun Week 2019

Tulamben Photos


We recently finished up our 7th Annual NAD Lembeh Photo Workshop and it was a great success!  However, before we headed to Lembeh we hosted a few lucky folks in Bali. Our Bali Photo Fun Week was a preliminary event before Lembeh. It was a great chance for folks to make sure their cameras were in working order, as well as their buoyancy!  Mike and Doug joined the guests, along with Lorenza and Sammy, for 5 great days of diving.  Not only did we do 3 dives most days, we also enjoyed a Bonfire Dive in Tulamben. It was a great opportunity for everyone to capture great Bali photos.

The dive sites were very fruitful with fantastic critter action to be had.  We did a selection of sites in Tulamben, Amed, and Seraya. We concentrated on the great black sand sites but we also visited the USAT Liberty Wreck as well.  For a little something different, we also visited the Les waterfall, a short drive north of Tulamben.

Bali Photo Fun Week Les

Bali Photos and Critter Highlights

Diving highlights included four different species of ghost pipefish on a single dive: Halimeda, Ornate, Velvet, and Robust.  Other encounters included harlequin shrimp, pegasus sea moths, mimic and long armed octopus, Shaun the Sheep nudibranchs, donut dorids, and too many frogfish to count.

As pictures speak louder than words, we will let the photos do the talking about the great things we saw. If you are considering a dive holiday in Bali, this is a good sample of what you may see. All of the sites we visited were within a 15 minute drive of our base in Tulamben. If you would like to see these critters for yourself please have a look at our Bali Safari TripsDiving in Bali is great all year round, we have incredible dive guides on staff who specialize in finding these amazing animals.

Bali Photos Lion

Bali Photos Moray

Long Armed Octopus

Bali Photos Winged Pipefish

Halimeda Ghost Pipefish

Bali Photos Leaf Fish

Bali Photos Goby

Bali Photos

Frogfish Fishing

Slow Shutter