Bali Opening – Updates

March 16th, 2022 • uwt

Things are changing rapidly with the border so we thought a helpful update is in order. Do keep in mind that as soon as we publish this then things will change again! As many countries around the world are opening for tourism again, Indonesia is as well. However, the opening of Indonesia is a test phase at this point in time and there is important information that everyone needs to know. We break it down here for you and will update this again soon once changes happen.

Bali Opening

Visas – Bali Opening

There are two Visas available for tourism purposes, the Visa on Arrival and the B211 tourism visa. Currently, the Visa on Arrival is only available for flights arriving to Bali, this is not available for flights arriving into any other destination. (We are sure this will change soon) Also, there is a list of 23 countries who qualify for the Visa on Arrival. The countries are: USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Qatar, Japan, South Korea, Italy, New Zealand, Turkey, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines.

If you are not from one of these 23 countries, or if you plan on arriving into Jakarta or Manado, then you need to apply for the B211 visa. This needs to be done with a registered Indonesian travel agent and will cost anywhere between $200-$300. This Visa is extendable up to 180 days total.

Visa on Arrival – Bali Opening

The Visa on Arrival costs 500,000 Rupiah at the airport in Bali. It’s a 30 day visa but can be extended one time for a total of 60 days. There is only one extension available and you will need to leave the country by 60 days. This Visa is also available in Bintan or Batam if entering via Singapore.

Every non Indonesian who plans to enter Indonesia must have the following:
Completed e-HAC which is in the Peduli Lindungi App
Double or triple vaccination certificate – paper based copy
Negative PCR test taken within 48 hours of arrival paper based copy
Completed Electronic Customs form
Immigration documents ( Passport, Visa, Stay Permit)
Passport valid for at least 6 months and with 3 blank pages
A return ticket or a one-way ticket to continue the journey to another country
Travel insurance of $20,000 or more and which covers Covid 19
Completed Quarantine Precision App

Bali Opening Man in Rice Field


This is where it gets a little interesting! There is no longer a required quarantine to enter Indonesia. However, when entering Bali there is a new system in place in order to facilitate proper PCR testing. Basically, everyone has to book a 3 night stay at a CHSE registered hotel. Once you have received a negative result from the second PCR test you can then travel anywhere in Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia.

For the new Bali Opening trial period, the entry process is a little like this:

Upon arrival you will need to pay for your two PCR tests, the first PCR test will be administered at the airport. Once you clear all of Customs and Immigration you will meet your pre-booked Hotel transport (this has to be from the hotel) and be taken directly to the hotel. Your PCR results will come through to you while you are at the hotel. Once you have received a negative result you are free to leave the hotel for other activities such as shopping, touring etc. On day 3 you take your second PCR test, you will receive the results the following morning. Once you receive a negative result you are free to check out and travel to other parts of Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia.

In summary, it’s still a little bit tricky if you are not a passport holder of one of the 23 VOA countries. However, things are moving quickly and we foresee changes to the system very soon. Hopefully changes that will make it easier for everyone to enter like it was before. If you would like an up to date resource check out the Welcome Back to Bali website, they update all the latest info and requirements there.

So although you will need to stay in south Bali for the first three nights, it doesn’t mean you can’t go diving. During the first few days its possible to dive at Nusa Penida. Once your second PCR results come back you can move to Amed or Tulamben for great macro diving. This is a great way for for everyone to come back to Bali and enjoy a Bali Diving Safari once again!