Bali Bans Single Use Plastic

December 29th, 2018 • uwt

Bali Bans Single Use Plastic

The freshly elected Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, has followed up the pledge of his predecessor in starting banning certain kind of single use plastic.

Effective from January 1st, 2019, shopping bags, styrofoam and plastic straws will be banned and businesses in Bali won’t be allowed to supply those to their customers.

Business will have 6 months to adjust to this new law. After 6 months, local officials will be severely taking action against those business who did not abide to the new rules. One of the penalty could be loosing the operating business license.

This much needed strong action has been taken to rapidly reduce by 70 % the amount of plastic entering the marine environment around the Island of the Gods.
This is definitely a major step forward towards the right direction and hopefully it will be embraced quickly by all business.

In the recent year the amount of plastic found around the coast of Bali at the beginning of each raining season has been dramatically increasing to the point of total disaster.

At the Underwater Tribe we have been witnessing first hand the crisis and we welcome the new rules as the beginning of a new era. We are aware that much more is needed to further tackle this crisis but we also believe that the people of Bali will do more and will set an example for other to follow.

Big shout out to Melati and Isabel founders of the Bye Bye Plastic Bag organization who were the first to effectively raise concern and awareness at the Bali local government and, with their good spirit and positive energy, inspire thousands of people in taking actions to tackle the plastic pollution crisis that is not affecting only Bali, but the entire planet.