Urchin Clingfish

Clingfish – Underappreciated Fish of the Day

Have you ever peered into a crinoid and spotted a cute little face staring back at you? Perhaps you repositioned…

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Marine Mammals

Marine Mammals Indonesia – Dolphins Whales Dugongs

Indonesia is home to a variety of marine mammals. Dugongs, dolphins, and whales are all found throughout Indonesia. In fact,…

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Black Water Diving Octopus

Black Water Diving – Pelagic Stage Octopus

Have you ever done a black water dive? What is a black water dive I hear some of you ask?…

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Do You Know

Do You Know This Location?

We love a good challenge here at the Underwater Tribe. We often post a “Photo of the Day” or a…

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Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon – Daily Photo 2 February 2020

Komodo Dragon – Daily Photo 2 February 2020 The Komodo Dragon truly is a majestic animal. Many people think they…

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Private Bali Diving Trips

Private Bali Diving Tours – 2021

With our world ever changing on a seemingly daily basis, there are certain things that always stand the test of…

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