Aerial Footage Indonesia – Tanah Air Kita

December 12th, 2017 • uwt

Aerial Footage Indonesia – Tanah Air Kita

Aerial Footage Indonesia – Tanah Air Kita is Indonesian for “Our Land, Our Water” which is the title of a short film that Luca has produced.  This film utilizes a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone to capture the beauty of Indonesia.  To experience over 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, view them from the air!  The explosion in popularity of drones over the past 5 years makes this style of film possible.

Aerial Footage Indonesia Film

Mountains, Beaches, Mantas

With a backdrop of beautiful blue water, the coral reefs and white sand beaches of Indonesia are spectacular.  The sharp volcanic and karst islands are covered in dense green foliage and bird life.  Luca has captured the stunning beauty of the islands with a perfectly chosen musical track.  Not only are the islands showcased but the wildlife is as well, watch as manta rays feed at the surface in Komodo.

Rice Fields and Waterfalls

Indonesia is also home to incredible inland scenery as well.  The rice fields of Bali are an amazing green during the wet season and waterfalls abound on the island. Although rice fields are nice to look at from the ground, there is nothing like the aerial perspective to truly experience it.

Words can only describe so much, it’s far better to watch the video.  We have hosted it on our You Tube channel so please watch it here.  If you enjoy the film give it a Thumbs Up and while you are on our channel why not subscribe or watch some of our other offerings. We host both stock video short clips as well as longer videos on our channel, enjoy!