PADI Rescue Diver Course

Learn to become a self reliant diver while becoming proficient with in-water rescue skills The next step on the way to becoming a PADI Pro, the Rescue Diver class is a fun and exciting way to gain confidence in diving while learning the skills to look after others in case of an accident. Designed to train divers to manage rescue situations and render first aid in diving emergencies, the Rescue Diver course is a great way for every diver to learn self-reliance. The minimum required age to take part in this course is 15 years old.

The theory section of the Rescue Diver Course is available on the PADI e-Learning website and can be completed at home before arriving in Bali.

Duration: 3-4 Days – Dives included 5 – Depth: up to 30 metres

Start the theory portion of the Rescue Diver course from the comfort of home, simply sign up for PADI eLearning with the Underwater Tribe from this link.

For pricing information about this course and our other PADI Courses please look at our PADI Courses Price List

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