Underwater Photography Tutorials
To Improve Your Underwater Photography and Videos

One of the key ingredients of The Underwater Tribe is our passion for teaching underwater photography. We teach photography on location to eager students looking to improve their skills. However, we also like to spread knowledge to others around the world.  In the Underwater Photography Tutorials section, we present an ongoing series of written and video based tutorials designed to help everyone improve their skills in underwater imaging.

Blue Background Lionfish

Blue Background Macro Photography

Blue Background Macro Photography [caption id="attachment_2046" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] ISO 200, f11, 1/250[/caption] Macro photography is certainly the most popular form of underwater ...

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Crab and Anemone Creative Lighting

Going Beyond Flat Lighting Underwater

Going Beyond Flat Lighting In this tutorial we discuss breaking away from basic lighting techniques and thinking more about using creative ...

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Perfect Blue Backgrounds PADI Open Water

How To? The Perfect Blue Background

How to Capture the Perfect Blue Background in Wide Angle Photographs Getting the perfect blue background on wide-angle photographs is one ...

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Schooling Fish Sweetlips

How To? Shoot Schooling Fish

How To? Shoot Schooling Fish There is perhaps nothing more stunning than watching a giant school of fish move through the ...

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Jetty Split Level

Mastering Split Level or Under Over Photographs

The Split Level photo (aka the Under/Over) is one of the more visually stunning forms of underwater photography. These types ...

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Limited Depth of Field Nudi

Limited Depth of Field (Bokeh)

How to Take Limited Depth of Field Macro Photos Limited Depth of Field composition is a very effective and stunning form ...

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