Underwater Photo Workshops in Indonesia

We plan annual “on location” underwater photo workshops in the Lembeh Strait and Ambon, Indonesia.  In conjunction with our on location photo workshops, we also organize Bali based photo tuition. Tulamben is the best macro underwater photography location in Bali.   The hallmark of our photo workshops is creating a pleasant atmosphere for everyone to enjoy while learning. The instructors are on location to present knowledge in the classroom as well as to help you improve your skills underwater.

What Makes Us Different?

None of our instructors take a camera underwater, instead we carry slates in order to help students practice skills. This is the best way for photographers to see immediate results.  We keep our on location workshops small, with a maximum ratio of 6 students per instructor.  This guarantees that everyone gets to spend quality time with each instructor underwater and in the classroom.

We call our UW photo workshops “Underwater Photography Fun Weeks”, as we believe that a non-competitive environment is the best way to enjoy photography.  We have a lot of fun as we keep things relaxed and easy going.  Our classes are aimed toward new photographers as well as experienced photographers.  Our unique “hands on” approach underwater really allows our guests to take their photography to the next level.

In the Lembeh Strait, we host our Photo Workshops at the best photography resort in the area: NAD Lembeh Resort.  NAD is the perfect location for photographers with a purpose built photography area and a 2:1 guest to dive guide ratio, the best in the business!

Photo Workshops at Maluku DiversIn Ambon, our resort of choice is the luxurious Maluku Divers Resort, the original resort in the area, based in the heart of the best critter diving in Ambon.  With beautiful grounds and only minutes from all of the best sites, Maluku Divers is ideal for a photo workshop.

If you can’t make it to one of our on location photo workshops please have a look at our Bali Photo Academy.  We offer one to one instruction year round in Bali.

Our Upcoming On Location Photo Workshops

For those interested in fun and exciting group photo workshops we typically offer two "on location" workshops each year, one in Lembeh Strait and the other in Ambon. Both of these locations offer incredible macro and critter diving which is perfect for learning underwater photography. Not interested in joining a group photo workshop? No problem, please visit our UW Photo Course page for information about private classes in Bali.

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Upcoming Diving Trips

Underwater Tribe group trips are always led by either Mike Veitch or Luca Vaime and sometimes both of us!