Raja Ampat Soft CoralsTruly one of the most unique diving destinations on the planet, Raja Ampat offers everything that a discerning diver could want in a diving holiday.  Raja Ampat is home to more than 1500 islands and islets in an area approximately 40,000 km2 located on the far western edge of West Papua province in eastern Indonesia.  Long known as home to the highest number of fish species in the world, the warm waters of Raja Ampat offer incredible marine life encounters for everyone lucky enough to dive there. As the Raja Ampat area is so large, it’s often broken into three distinct areas when describing the region: Misool in the south, the Dampier Strait in the middle, and the Wayag/Kawe/Dampier area in the north. Most of the resorts are based in the middle area of Raja, near the Dampier Strait, as this is the closest point to the gateway towns of Waisai and Sorong.  However, there are a few resorts based further north and even one in the far south of the Misool area.  However, the best way to explore the wonderful Raja Ampat region is via a liveboard vessel which can easily visit all of the best diving areas in Raja Ampat in comfort and style.  We regularly organize escorted trips to Raja Ampat aboard one of our partner liveaboards to introduce our guests to the wonders of this amazing corner of the world.  Highlights of the region include the beautiful karst islands of Misool and Wayag and the white sandy beaches that are spread out throughout the area.  However, the beauty above is just a fraction of what can be seen below the surface of the blue Pacific water.  The Misool area is known for vertical walls, large schools of fish, endless colours of soft corals and sea fans, fast action pinnacle dives and as being home to one of the best manta ray dive sites on the planet.  In the Dampier Strait area there is a huge variety of dives including fast paced and fish filled seamounts, village jetties, beautiful coral reefs, as well as several unique areas to interact with manta rays. The northern areas of Raja Ampat offer more raw diving along the Pacific coasts of the islands with vast amounts of fish swirling around small offshore islets as well as beautiful beaches and lagoons in areas such as Wofoh and Wayag.  The vast majority of vessels spend their time between Misool and the Dampier Strait region, only venturing further north during longer itineraries and when conditions are calm.

We have a variety of different resorts and liveaboards that we work with in the Raja Ampat region, if you would like to know more about visiting the area please do drop us an email and we would be more than happy to help you book a trip to Raja Ampat, either escorted by us or with one of our trusted partners.

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